I'm sure that we can all agree that we've experienced a whole spectrum of customer service types - from the kind that makes you want to tell your friends to keep clear, to the kind that makes you wish that the place sold everything you would ever need as you didn't want to go anywhere else. 

We have a very strong passion for customer service. Having worked in a customer facing environment for over 18 years, I've seen examples of the best of the best, as well as the worst of the worst. So, what makes us different?

Communication and the Human Touch

Taking a jump to buying unseen online can be scary - but we don't want you to feel that way. If you message us, you will always get an answer as soon as we possibly can. Sometimes it takes 24 hours as, if we are in the studio, we don't always get messages straight away - and some require a PC to answer instead of a phone! There are no poor or silly questions - if we don't know the answer to your question straight away, we will always try our best to help as soon as we can. 

We want you to be as happy with anything that you purchase from us as you can be - even if that means we answer 50 questions before you buy so you know it's right for you. 

It doesn't stop when you place your order, either. We always send everything tracked, and provide a tracking number for you as part of your order confirmation. If there any problems with tracking your order, or if for some reason it doesn't arrive when it's supposed to, let us know and we'll be happy to investigate for you as we know how important it is to be kept informed when buying online - especially if you've never ordered with us before! 

We promise that you will always receive a friendly, personal reply - not an automated one - often within a couple of hours of your message to us. We are working on trying to implement a Live Chat option - but this is still in development. 

Hallmarking and Quality Assurance

We conform to all UK regulations in respect to Hallmarking with the Assay office. This means that we hallmark all of our items. The only exceptions are items which fall beneath the specified weight thresholds which are 1 gram for gold, 7.78 grams for silver, 0.5 grams for platinum and 1 gram for palladium.

We are happy to hallmark any items below this weight, but there will be an extra charge for doing so as this will not have been factored into our pricing for that item as it isn't required as standard. 

Delays to your order

We do try to keep our timescales as accurate as we can and we always try our best to remain within our stated processing times. Sadly though, as we make our items to order especially for you - sometimes things happen that are outside of our control (such as a delay of parts arriving from our supplier). We promise not only to keep you up to date, but to always include a free gift if we do have to transfer your order to a back order to await parts. Usually this is another item of jewellery from our collection. As some orders can be time sensitive (such as our memorial jewellery), we understand that waiting isn't always an option and are happy to issue a full refund as soon as we know that there may be a delay. We are human, so mistakes can and do happen, but we promise to keep you as updated as we can. 

Returns and Exchanges

All stores have a return and exchange policy, and ours is no different - except we try to go as far as we can to make sure that you are happy with your purchase. 

We do have a 14 day returns limit (which is the legal minimum) as we are only a small business. This is valid on absolutely any item that is not personalised or bespoke. The reason that we can't refund or exchange these is that we simply can't sell them again if they are made to your particular specifications. 

Can you imagine buying a ring online and receiving a ring that was engraved with a date or a name that was meaningless to you? You would want to receive an item that, even if it was a returned piece, was cleaned and refinished so it was in the same condition that it was originally sold. We know that we certainly would!

However, we do know that mistakes can and do happen - especially when buying unseen. So we do go above and beyond most other companies and are happy to exchange or refund any items that aren't directly personalised. 

As an example, we sell our rings as a set complete with a chain and a personalised disc. If the ring that you choose is the wrong size, we will exchange this for you - even to a different design if you would prefer. We can't issue a full refund for you, as we wouldn't be able to re-sell your personalised disc. However, if there is genuinely nothing else that we sell that you like, we will be happy to issue a refund for everything except the disc - for which we will deduct the retail value from your refund value. This would mean that you would keep the disc as if you had bought it from us separately from this listing: 


However, if you opt for paying extra for engraving on any of our items directly, we won't be able to refund or exchange this as we simply cannot resell it to another customer. (Remember that ring that was personalised inside with a random date? This is why!)

We understand that we can't please everyone - but we promise to treat you exactly as we would like to be treated if we were ordering unseen from an online company.