So, you might be here for a few reasons. Maybe you are just checking everything is legit and we are all above board (we are), maybe you find yourself with a bit of a problem (contact us - we'll do our best to help!) or maybe you are just having a browse (fabulous - hope you love it all!).   

This post is a bit of a disclaimer really, I suppose. As I hope you've figured out by now, our items are handmade to order. They aren't mass produced, which means that there will be minute differences between every single item that we sell. "What sort of things?" I hear you ask.   

Well, firstly as an example, all of the gemstones that we use are natural and genuine. Both of the stones shown in the picture are Amethyst. But there is quite a colour difference between the two. Why? Because every single stone rests on a spectrum. Some are darker, some are lighter - but it's still the same stone. These two rings may look different to you, than they do to me, as we both have different monitor settings. They have been taken under professional lighting, so will look differently again when worn (as the skin will change the colour of the stone from behind) as well as different lights and angles making it look a different shade.   

What I'm trying to say is that although we absolutely try to show you an accurate representation of what you will receive - there may be small differences as each item is made to order. The only time that this will not be the case is if it is shown on the instock section of our website. We always take pictures here of the actual item that you will be purchasing so this will be the actual product that you will receive.   

Our sizes on the website are shown based on the widest part of the item. Again, as it is handmade and not mass produced, this could differ by a mm or two - but certainly no more than that. We try our hardest to get them as close as possible, though!  

To put you at ease, we do have a 14 day return and exchange policy for any item that you feel isn't quite you. A small exception to this is that we can't accept a return for personalised items or sets (as we can't resell them) but some items (such as rings or pendants that include a personalised disc) can certainly be exchanged within this time period without any trouble at all - just let us know if you find something more fitting :)   

Any questions at all about any part of this - let me know!   I can be reached through the contact form on the website, or you can email us directly at either or   Both point directly to me and I try to answer as soon as I possibly can.