• Jewellery Chain Glossary - Which is for me?

    Jewellery Chain is made in many shapes, sizes and styles. This post will introduce many of the most popular chain styles on the market as well as some common variations.
  • Ring Sizing - How to Get it Right On Your First Try

    You've found yourself here because you've got questions about your ring size. You've probably googled until your fingers hurt and are still no futher forward. Don't worry, you are not alone in this minefield - our most common questions come from customers that find the concept of sizing difficult and I totally understand why! I've put together a little FAQ of the most common questions that we get asked to try and help you determine your size in the easiest way possible.
  • Dirty Little Secret.... Tarnish!

    We love the jewelry we sell you, and we want it to look beautiful forever. Use these tarnish-removal tips to keep your jewelry looking like you just bought it!

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